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WELCOME TO twin rivers adult school!

Due to the high volume of student registrations, our general registration is now closed.  Please check our website for updates as we may open registration again in a few months.

Thank you so much for your patience as our Academic Advisors begin scheduling intakes with newly registered students. You will contacted by phone, email and/or text, within 7-10 school days from your registration submission, to schedule an intake appointment.

At your intake appointment, you will meet with an Academic Team member, create an Academic and Career Plan, take a pre-test that is required for all adult learners and register for classes. Your intake appointment could take up to 2 hours. We do not provide childcare and children can't be on campus, so please make alternative arrangements for your children ahead of time.

If you're interested in earning your high school diploma or GED, we do have limited spaces in some classes still. To contact an Academic Advisor about enrolling, please click HERE.


We look forward to helping support you on your academic journey!


Twin Rivers Adult School is committed to providing our diverse community with opportunities to achieve their personal, educational and vocational goals by becoming  more responsible and  productive members of society.  As such, our mission is to help students gain knowledge and skills  for employment, career advancement, and social responsibility.