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Twin Rivers Adult School

Twin Rivers Adult School


Daily Instructional Hours Protocol

Twin Rivers Unified School District, Federal, State, and County Supportive Services have specific program requirements to identify actual instructional hours of student attendance.  Twin Rivers Adult School recognizes that a positive correlation exists between regular attendance and achievement. To fulfill these official mandates, the following procedures must be followed by all Twin Rivers Adult School staff and students.

Check-in/Check-out sheets and electronic attendance are legal documents and are subject to audit and review. You are signing a legal document. Must be signed in ink with student’s first and last name.

  1. When students arrive in class, students are required to sign-in to class with first and last name- Actual Time ONLY!
  2. When students exit class, students are required to sign-out of class with first and last name- Actual Time ONLY!
  3. Students are prohibited from fraudulently signing in/out for another student

*If hours submitted do not match Check-in/Check-out sheets, student’s hours will be removed.

Students must report all absences to their teacher(s) and to the school at 916.566.2785. 


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