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ESL Classes

Students in ESL improve their English listening, reading, writing and speaking as it relates to everyday life through topics such as health and safety, education and training, employment, community services and resources, and American government and laws.
An older gentleman sitting in a classroom
ESL day classes held at the main campus are divided based on the student's English proficiency. We offer 6 levels of classes that build skills and competency in English listening, reading, writing and speaking.  Placement in these levels is based on the student's placement testing. 

Beginning Low
Beginning High
Intermediate Low
Intermediate High
Vocational ESL
ESL evening classes held at the main campus are multi-level.

Fees:  Free.  There is no cost to attend these classes
Registration: Registration is offered at orientation appointments regularly.  Available appointments are posted.

No childcare is provided.  For the benefit of all, children should not accompany students to class.