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About TRAS

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Welcome to the Twins Rivers Adult School!

The Twin Rivers Adult School (TRAS) has proudly served the community for decades. We serve thousands of community members with a variety of programs aimed at serving their educational, personal, and workforce needs.

In June 2015, Governor Brown signed Assembly Bill 104, which set aside a $500 million Adult Education Block Grant for the purpose of implementing the regional adult education plans throughout the state.

As a result, the Capital Adult Education Regional Consortium (CAERC) was developed. CAERC established the following Regional Priorities:
  • Build and Expand Adult Education Offerings
  • Develop Alignment and Pathways
  • Increase Student Support Services
  • Enhance Data and Accountability Systems
TRAS is a proud CAERC member. These priorities, along with our school mission and vision, drive our work.

TRAS provides services at our main location and serves students at various elementary, middle, and high school satellite locations throughout the Twin Rivers Unified School District boundaries.

TRAS is committed to supporting and serving every student.  Whether your goal is to learn English, support your child’s educational needs, learn a new skill to secure a job, or learn skills to advance your current career- we are here to support and to serve you!

We look forward to providing you a supportive, positive learning experience!
3 adult students working on a project together

Our_Goals_for_our_Students Card IconOur Goals for our Students

We have the following student learning outcomes that students who complete courses of study will be:

Self-Directed Achievers who:
  • analyze data and solve problems (study information and work out problems)
  • initiate and complete tasks (start and finish every job)
Valued Community Members who:
  • apply knowledge and skills at home and at work (use what they learn at home and at work)
  • participate in outreach activities with individuals from diverse populations (work well with people from other cultures)
Productive Workers who:
  • take responsibility for their performance at work and in the community (are good workers and good neighbors)
  • integrate written, verbal, and technological skills appropriately (use technology to write and speak better)