English as a Second Language

English  as  a  Second  Language  (ESL) courses are for students whose first language is other than English. 

Those  who  come  to  the  United  States  and want  to become  fully  functional members of society first need to know the language. English  is  important  in order  to be  successful  in the United  States.   We  teach  basics  such  as reading, writing, speaking, and listening , and on  more  intricate  levels,  life  skills,  such  as how  to  succeed on a  job  interview, and how to  communicate  in  a  variety  of  social  situations. Adult students learn English for day-to-day  communication  in  the  community  and learn  to  access  government    community resources. 


Our flexible schedule conforms conveniently to any schedule our students may have.   After completing our courses, students have a wide range of choices ahead of them, such as pursuing  citizenship,  finding  a  job,  or  continuing their education.

At  Orientation  an  assessment  test  will  be administered  to  determine  placement.  The student will be registered at that time.