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GED Preparation

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High School Completion
GED Preparation

Please bring an official high school transcript or college transcript if applicable to your orientation appointment.
The High School Equivalency Test (HSE) test is a national test that may be taken in California by persons who are eighteen years of age or older, or who meet specific criteria for testing at age seventeen.  At Twin Rivers Adult School we offer GED Preparation classes to prepare students to take the GED exam to earn a California High School Equivalency Certificate.  The course work  includes language arts/reading, language arts/writing, mathematics, science, and social studies.  The assignments may be textbook and/or computer based.
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GED Preparation classes held at the main campus 8:15 am to 8:00 pm.

Fees:  Free.  There is no cost to attend these classes
Registration: Registration is offered at orientation appointments regularly.  Available appointments are posted.

No childcare is provided.  For the benefit of all, children should not accompany students to class.